Membership is open to any individual or group utilizing volunteers or interested in the field of volunteer engagement.  Members range across many different types of organizations, all with the same purpose in mind: to address community needs by leveraging the power of volunteers. Membership is renewed annually based on the date of enrollment.


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Summit on Volunteer Engagement Produces Post Summit Report & Next Steps

Published: 08/18/17

Read the full report and see what's in store for next steps.

“The Problem With Saying, ‘We’ve Always Done It This Way!’” Blog Post #3 from Barry Atland and Lynda Lewellyn

Published: 04/07/18

One of the most common reasons cited for not trying a new Volunteer Recognition practice is, “We’ve always done it this...

Ground Breaking Study Seeks to Promote Job Equity for Volunteer Engagement Professionals

Published: 03/12/18

Volunteer Engagement Professionals (VEPs) are commonly underpaid and undervalued and their work is often misunderstood. VEPs turn to...

“What's Holding You Back From 21st Century Recognition Strategy?” Blog Post #2 from Linda Lewellyn and Barry Atland

Published: 03/07/18

Recognition is a critical component to your volunteers’ engagement, and the impact volunteers generate for your Volunteer-Supported...