July 2008 Update

The Congress of Volunteer Administrators Association (COVAA) Steering Committee is excited to share with you the progress of our work since the March update and to enlist your support for the final stage….election of the founding board!

ALIVE was officially approved by the State of Indiana for incorporation.

In compliance with the ALIVE By-Laws, the following persons will be serving as the initial board members until the founding board is elected and seated in the next couple of months:

* President: Joanna Johnson
* Vice President: Valerie Jones
* Secretary: Betty Aldworth
* Treasurer: Vickie Bateman
* Members at Large: Wanda Lee Bailey, Erin Barnhart, Rita Chick, Mary Kay Hood, Vicki Leigh, Betsy McFarland, Karen McDonald, Mary Lynn Perry, and Gary Simpson

These initial board members are committed to completing the formation of a national membership association in a careful, thoughtful manner. The initial board members recognizethat further decisions and developments for the ALIVE association will be the responsibility of the founding board and therefore have not committed ALIVE to any obligations that cannot be changed at the discretion of the elected board.

It is anticipated that the delegates who were present at the Congress in Denver serve as the founding members of ALIVE and therefore be responsible for electing the Founding Board.

ALIVE received their EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the IRS and opened its’ own checking account at Huntington Bank of Indiana.

ALIVE distributed flyers at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in Atlanta, Georgia.

The final logo was approved and is now in use.

The Board Development Committee has been seated and is beginning to develop the process for electing the founding board. Committee members include: Vickie Bateman, Katie Campbell, Diane Hentges, Kathleen McCleskey, Kathy Perun, Mark Redfield, and Christine Sorrel.

IRS Form 1023 is under development for submission. This form is for the Federal tax exempt status.

The new website address is under development – we’ll make a formal announcement with updated information through the website. We anticipate the website to serve as the primary source of communication.

Due to the progression and status of our project, the services of Wanda Lee Bailey, Project Strategist, have ended. Wanda will continue to serve as a volunteer as a Board Member at Large and support project implementation until the election of the founding board.

Stay on the look out for information about the nomination and election process for the founding board as well as the official launch of ALIVE.

The process of birthing this new national association for leaders in volunteer engagement has taken much longer than originally envisioned. We know you will be proud and pleased with the results of the steering committee’s hard work. If you have any questions, concerns, or interests to express, please feel free to email me and I’ll forward to the rest of the committee. We would welcome your participation as a volunteer in this effort to “enhance and sustain the spirit of volunteerism in America by fostering collaboration and networking, promoting professional development, and providing advocacy for leaders in community engagement.”


Joanna Johnson, CVA
Certified Volunteer Administrator
Volunteer Services Coordinator
Town Lake Animal Center
Austin, TX 78703