May 2007 Update

The Steering Committee has been meeting on a monthly basis via teleconference. Effective communication has been a high priority – both internal committee communications and externally to the delegates and stakeholders. Through the generosity of Samaritan Technologies, the COVAA website and Sharepoint are two, key communication vehicles. A written report template has been developed to ensure consistent, thorough communications between the committees. The Steering Committee is composed of the chair/co-chairs of each of the following sub-committees. The following is a brief summary of their progress to date:

Structure Committee:
The committee’s goal is to research and recommend a structure for a strong national membership association. This committee is currently developing membership categories, i.e., individual membership (including active, introductory, associate, and lifetime) and group membership.

Standards Committee:
The committee’s goal is to establish, disseminate, and adhere to volunteer program management industry standards of excellence. Both ethical standards and program standards have been formulated.

Resources Committee:
The goal of this committee is to help COVAA be the knowledge resource for leaders of volunteers. Their immediate goal is to develop a clearinghouse model for a website or repository of resources by July 2007. They are developing a common language and doing extensive research. They have begun cataloguing existing web-based resources using a closed network on

Advocacy Committee:
The goal of this committee is to increase the recognition and respect for the profession of volunteer management. The committee has spent time carefully defining their goals to include:
1. Influence policy
2. Empower and advocate for the profession of volunteer management
3. Empower and recognize the strength of volunteers
4. Promote volunteerism in communities in America
Currently, the committee is researching historical examples of successful organizational advocacy, such as:
• Successful advocacy in the history of the former organization, AVA
• Successful advocacy in any of the local volunteer administrator organizations
• Steps other professional organizations have implemented to advocate for their professions

Professional Development Committee:
The committee’s goal is to provide professional development opportunities at a variety of levels utilizing a variety of means. Their activities to date include:
• Researching and compiling a list of colleges and universities offering academic courses and educational programs in Volunteer Management
• Identifying and listing available professional trainers according to regions
• Identifying available Train the Trainer curricula and developing a program for COVAA
• Researching and compiling a list of a variety of available technological tools for delivering/hosting professional development activities (This assignment is completed)
• Providing suggested options for online professional development training workshops in lieu of a national conference for 2007
• Developing a rough draft plan for a national professional development conference in 2008
• Submitting a proposal to POLF/VCNN to update the Volunteer Management Training Series and research other available volunteer management training curricula.

Values/Principles/Marketing Committee:
The goal of this committee is to create a statement of philosophy, a set of guiding principles, and marketing strategies that reflects the organization’s spirit and brand that attracts a growing and diverse membership. It is becoming apparent that this committee’s work is critical in the beginning stages of this project and that input, as well as assistance, is required from all committees. As a result, instead of directly performing the work, this committee will be helping to lead the process by engaging all stakeholders in helping COVAA to develop their organizational identity.

Communications and Networking Committee:
The goal of this committee is to provide leaders of volunteers opportunities for interactive dialogue and information sharing through the website, e-mail, and written correspondence. Accomplishments to date include:
• Updates to website and on-going check of e-mail account
• Created final report from Denver Meeting
• Created monthly report template for committee chairs
• Drafted and sent public letter from Steering Committee to delegation
• Development of a PowerPoint presentation about COVAA and its progress. The PowerPoint is available on the Steering Committee page of Sharepoint for steering committee members to use. It is also planned to add the presentation to the COVAA website.

Certification Committee:
The goal of this committee is to develop a memorandum of understanding with the new Council on Certification in Volunteer Administration. There is no progress to report at this time.

Collaboration Committee:
The goal of this committee is to develop strategic partnerships and relationships linking with existing national organizations. To date, outreach has been made to initiate a dialogue with the Association of Volunteer Resources Management.

Technology Committee:
The goal of this committee is to explore and apply user-friendly, innovative and emerging technologies to support organizational goals. Accomplishments to date include:
• Created Sharepoint system and homepage for each committee to use to collaborate, store documents, participate in discussions and record survey results
• Built committee email address blocks (
• Supported Communications Committee with web site help, integrated recruiting databases, blast emails.
• Provided training of COVAA delegates on how to best use Sharepoint to build their committee.
• Initiated dialogue with multiple providers of volunteer databases to discuss technical standards.