AL!VE Behind the Scenes!

Robin Popik

What's  been happening behind the scenes with AL!VE?

AL!VE’s Board and Committee members have been working diligently to set up committees, develop policies, create marketing tools, identify membership benefits and research both advocacy issues and legal issues for an active, strong and functional organization.

AL!VE has five standing committees  identified in our Bylaws. In addition there are four work groups within the Human Resources and Membership Committees and three work groups that report directly to the board. Each is actively working to fill its committee’s objective:

1. Executive Committee: Chaired by the President, Gretchen Jordan, functions to conduct board business between meetings and to set meeting agendas.

2. Finance Committee: Chaired by the Treasurer, Trudy Hamilton, prepares and monitors the budget, develops fund development plans, creates and enforces fiscal policies and procedures, creates and enforces fund development policies, secures annual audit or review, and prepares/files tax documents.

3. Board Development Committee: Chaired by Past President Joanna Johnson, manages nomination and election process for new officers and board members, handles board orientation and recognition.

4. Human Resources Committee: Chaired by Shirley Conger, develops and oversees policies, procedures and practices related to AL!VE for paid and unpaid staff and any collaboration/partnership agreements.
a. Collaborations and Partnerships Work Group investigates how other organizations share information and support, while establishing criteria by which ALIVE will make decisions about partnerships on behalf of ALIVE.

5. Member Services Committee: Chaired by Sarah Christian, manages the membership process for registration and renewal, point of contact for public information about AL!VE; identifies membership benefits and training tropics, defining levels of membership and works with Marketing Work Group.

a. Website Work Group is responsible for maintaining a relationship with the website vendor, editing site content and development of necessary landing pages, gathering information from partner organizations and collaborators to keep site fresh, robust and relevant.

b. Training/Capacity Building Work Group is responsible for researching, developing and coordinating training and capacity building opportunities.

c. Advocacy Work Group develops and implements strategies to educate members to advocate for themselves and the profession, investigate and recommend messages and target audiences appropriate for AL!VE participation, and to collaborate activities between AL!VE and partners.

6. Marketing Work Group supports Member Services in developing appropriate outreach materials for membership recruitment, promotes the website and the AL!VE presence at the national conference. This work group coordinates its tasks with the Membership Committee. Presently it is a stand alone work group reporting to the Board. Future expectations are that it will become a Standing Committee of the board once the bylaws are amended and approved by the members.

7. Strategic Planning Work Group developed and continues to monitor an operational strategic plan for the growth and development of AL!VE.

8. Form 1023 Work Group is tasked to complete and file the necessary forms and documents to complete the application for appropriate IRS status of the organization. This includes identifiying qualified legal counsel and financial consultants. It is anticipated that this work group will disband upon completion of the Form 1023 application.

9. Collaboration and Partnership Work Group investigates how other organizations share information and support, while establishing criteria by which ALIVE will make decisions about partnerships on behalf of ALIVE.

We invite you to become an active member with AL!VE. To learn more about the committees, their meeting schedule, primary work and time commitment follow this link Committees/Work Groups

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