An Inaugural Year for AL!VE

Joanna Johnson, CVA

An Inaugural Year for AL!VE

Our nation celebrated the inauguration of its’ 44th President just as our association celebrated an exciting year of inaugural activities…the first elected board of directors, the first presence at a national conference, the first opportunity to become a member, and the first newsletter!

We began our work to become a national, professional membership association in December of 2006. At a congress of 90 professionals in Denver, the Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement (AL!VE) gained its initial momentum and financial support.

Two years later, Betty Aldworth, Wanda Lee Bailey, Erin Barnhart, Vickie Bateman, Rebecca Burton, Rita Chick, Mary Kay Hood, Joanna Johnson, Valerie Jones, Vicki Leigh, Kristen Leuth, Karen McDonald, Betsy McFarland, Todd McMullin, Mary Lynn Perry, and Nora Simmons-Daly signed the AL!VE Articles of Incorporation presented to the State of Indiana in June, 2008 for the following purposes:

• to enhance and support the spirit of volunteerism
• to foster collaboration and networking among volunteer management professionals,
• to promote professional development,
• to provide advocacy for leaders in community engagement.

Recognizing the diversity of volunteerism in the United States, each of the 50 states was aligned into regions. Fifteen people were seated as a founding Board of Directors in February, 2009.!VE Map of Board Representation10.09.pdf

To ensure sustainability, AL!VE applied for and received a grant from the Volunteer Impact Fund to advance and expand the practice of volunteer resource management. This grant, along with the donations received from the Denver 2006 Congress attendees, continues to provide financial support until our membership base grows.

AL!VE was part of the planning for the 2009 National Corporation and Community Service Conference in San Francisco. AL!VE board members presented the workshop session...”Volunteer Management: Career Development and Networking Opportunities.” At the booth board members met people interested in the field of volunteer management.

Our inaugural year has been exciting, challenging, and rewarding. I’ve seen veterans and newcomers in the field work together to help AL!VE become a reality through dedication, determination, and pure grit (yes, I’m from Texas). I am honored to have served as the first Board President of AL!VE and look forward to serving this association under the leadership of Gretchen Jordan, 2009 Board President!

Joanna Johnson, CVA
Board Past President

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