Financially Speaking

Trudy Hamilton, CVA

Greetings, AL!VE Membership!

For this newsletter, I’d like to provide some information about how AL!VE is currently funded.

AL!VE received a grant from the Volunter Impact Fund to be used as start-up funding. This funding has allowed AL!VE to seat the Founding Board at a facilitated retreat in Denver last February. This funding has provided the cash needed to have a presence at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in San Francisco, which included renting the booth, purchasing all the supplies, working with consultants to design the printed materials, and provide staffing for the event.

Additionally, there are other expenses, such as working with a consultant for web design and maintenance, purchasing insurance, all the day to day activities and details involved in developing and operating a national organization.

As many of you know, grants are not sustainable sources of funding, so where else do we receive funding from? Of course, there are the membership dues. In addition, many of our members have made donations to the organization, above the membership dues. In the future, we hope to provide excellent training opportunities, and regional conferences. I believe with the dedication and talent of members of everyone in AL!VE, we will be sucessful in offering these opportunities soon.

Newsletter - Fall Issue