President's Letter

Gretchen Jordan, CVA

President's article for Jan 2010 newsletter

So many of my colleagues have remarked how quickly the first ten years of this new century have gone by, and I agree. Back in the 90's, thinking about 2010 seemed like an eternity away and I had visions of floating cars, androids, and food created from little boxes.

But still in 2010, volunteer managers are still working in their agencies to empower volunteers to enhance their communities in so many ways. The hungry are still being fed, those in need have shelter, animals find new homes, children and our elders have someone special to mentor or care for them. There are many new technologies, concepts and ways that volunteers make the magic happen. Virtual or long distance volunteering, 'pro-bono' or highly skilled volunteers and social networking have brought new concepts to those of us in the field. The economy has impacted how agencies view volunteerism and especially how those who manage the volunteers and the tremendous impact they have. President Obama's Call to Service has made volunteering the next big thing and the passage of the Serve America Act (as well as fully funding the bill) will continue to influence the field for all of us.

For AL!VE, your all-volunteer Board of Directors have spent the past twelve months building an infrastructure for our professional organization based on the bylaws and concepts built upon ideas proposed by so many in the field over the past four years. You can view our quarterly reports and the annual report on our website at We're beginning to provide new member and professional development webinars for our members. In order for AL!VE to continue growth and be a part of the big picture of community engagement, we need you, the members, to step forward and contribute to the work of the committees.

Two of our many goals for this year will be fundraising and outreach to increase our membership base. The Volunteer Impact Fund grant has been utilized to build our resources and continue our outreach at the national, regional and local level. We want and need your input.  We will continue to strive to improve two-way communication to know and respond to what you, our members, really want and need from AL!VE. Please consider being part of the team that moves us all forward.

On behalf of the board, our best wishes for a happy and productive New Year.

Newsletter - February 2010

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