Recruiting Technology Savvy and Interested Volunteers

Gretchen Jordan, CVA

The AL!VE Technology work group would like to invite AL!VE members to join the Technology work group. Technology and how we use it is ever changing and in order for AL!VE to have useful and relevant information for our members to use it, we need more members with the expertise or the willingness to learn.

The work group will meet virtually via GoToMeeting two or three times a month at a time that works for all. Some of the roles for volunteers on this committee may include:

· Exploring options for creating and hosting an AL!VE facebook and/or twitter page
· Research educational opportunities for technology and how it relates to volunteer resource managers
· Help with posting and maintaining a bulletin board, calendar, surveys, or online resource guide on the AL!VE website
· Researching and recommending technologies
What are your other ideas for this work group? We want to hear from you! To volunteer or give input, send an email to




Newsletter - Winter 2010

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