Erin Barnhart: Recognized as Outgoing Board Member

Joanna Johnson, CVA

Erin Barnhart Recognized as Outgoing Board Member

At the recent board retreat, Erin Barnhart was recognized for her contribution to AL!VE. Erin has been involved with the development of AL!VE since the 2006 Congress in Denver, serving specifically on development of advocacy strategies. Erin will continue to serve on the Member Services Committee, Advocacy Sub-Committee.

Erin is the Director of Volunteerism Initiatives with An AmericCorps NCCC alum, Erin earned an MPA in Public Policy and a Graduate Certificate in Not-for-Profit Management from the University of Oregon in 2004.

Following her Masters Degree, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to Canada to study volunteer centers in British Columbia and the Yukon. In 2005, Erin began work on a Ph.D., studying international civic engagement at Portland State University.

As Director of Volunteerism Initiatives, Erin develops and delivers tools, trainings, and resources for volunteers and volunteer resources managers worldwide in order to support meaningful, effective management. In addition to serving AL!VE as a founding board member, Erin serves on the Editorial Board for the International Journal of Volunteer Administration (IJOVA), the board of the Northwest Oregon Volunteer Administrators Association (NOVAA), and the Oregon Committee on Volunteerism.

She also co-hosts the Volunteers and Technology forum on and chairs both the National Organizations Volunteerism Network (NOVN) and the Effective Practices Workgroup of the Brookings Institution’s Initiative on International Volunteering and Service.

Newsletter - Winter 2010

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